Susan is a photographer based in the Washington DC area and the Program Head of the MA in New Media Photojournalism and an associate professor of photojournalism at the George Washington University Corcoran School of the Arts and Design. Ms. Sterner started her career as a photojournalist freelancing with national and international publications while based in New Orleans, La. She worked for the Associated Press as a staff photographer, based in Mississippi and California. With the AP she covered domestic issues such as immigration, child labor and families in poverty as well as U.S. border issues and social change in Haiti. A two-year fellowship with the Institute of Current World Affairs sent Ms. Sterner to Brazil to photograph and write about women’s lives and access to resources. After returning to the United States, she worked as a White House photographer, documenting the official and the behind-the-scenes life of the presidency. Since 2006 she has coordinated the undergraduate program in photojournalism, emphasizing a multimedia and multi-disciplinary approach. Her current work focuses on the status of Salvadoran women both in El Salvador and part of the diaspora within the United States.


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